Finally…Affordable Consulting Services Without Compromise

We support your technology initiatives by delivering business value at affordable rates without compromise. Compare us to the high-priced consultancies and maximize your technology spend.

Implementing innovative technologies that enable your organization to improve business performance—while upgrading and maintaining existing systems under tightening budgets—can challenge even the most efficient IT organization. That’s where we come in.

Our consulting services are ideal for projects that are based upon deliverables, a fixed priced or statement of work. We offer expert level services segmented across four primary areas of technology:

  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics

Thinkfind offers innovative and custom solutions that help accelerate IT deliverables, reduce business costs and increase productivity. We’re focused on your success.

Software Engineering

Developing and implementing high-quality software applications that create business advantage requires expertise and experience. Thinkfind offers both. Whether you need to design, develop or install reliable, high-performance applications using Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, .NET, React, or Angular, or other cutting-edge tools like AI/ML, and automation, you can count on us. Our consultants are highly skilled in requirements gathering, design, development, testing, implementation and enterprise deployment. We’re also able to train your team in the latest technologies.


Cloud Technology

Forward-thinking organizations have dramatically accelerated their adoption of cloud infrastructure and will continue to do so in pursuit of digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation means leveraging digital services, like the cloud, to fuel innovation and the ability to react to challenges and change. Thinkfind can provide the expertise you need in configuration, deployment, security, and troubleshooting for cloud services. We can provide the resources you need with expertise in Kubernetes and cloud DevOps services as well as the major public cloud infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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As companies move forward on their digital transformation journey, there are always new and evolving threats. Companies must develop a “security by design” culture which requires partnering with a company like Thinkfind who can provide the core skills needed to address these threats. Our expertise in Identity and Access Management, Cyber Strategy, Information Governance, Security GRC, Security Analytics and Incident Response Readiness and Planning ensure that you are ready for whatever may come. Our Network Security experience includes Firewalls, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Traffic Analysis, Malware Detection, Endpoint Security, Network Access Control, and Network Mapping and Visibility. Our consultants employ a number of popular tools such as Wireshark, Splunk, Metasploit, SolarWinds and many others.

Data Analytics

Thinkfind is a leader in helping your business make sense of the data and information it generates every day. Our disciplined approach and methodology combined with the latest tools and technology give you the insights you need to develop new revenue streams, improve customer experiences and automate business processes. Our people are experts in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Data Governance, Cloud Analytics, AI and advanced analytics, IOT (Internet of Things) and much more. We have knowledge and practical experience with tools such as Splunk, Power BI, R and Python, Tableau and many others. Data warehousing tools include Amazon Redshift, MS Azure, Google BigQuery, Teradata, IBM Db2 Warehouse and others.

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