You Take Care of Our Clients. We Take Care of You.

It starts when you consult with one of our recruiting professionals. We’ll listen to be certain we understand your needs and the details of your specific circumstance. Then we’ll tailor a compensation plan that fits you, and maximizes your value in the marketplace. You’ve worked hard to develop your skills, and we’ll work hard at getting you the highest return the market will bear.

We Offer More Options

The choice is yours. Select the full-time consultant pay option that best fits your needs:

  • Hourly – receive the maximum amount of pay for each hour that you work.
  • Hourly Plus – combine the advantage of hourly compensation with our PTO plan. We combine vacation, sick, and personal time into one flexible pool of paid-time-off. This option includes paid holidays.
  • Salaried – if you prefer the stability of a salary, this option may be for you. Paid holidays and our paid-time-off plan are included too.

Other compensation opportunities:

  • Bonuses – you may qualify for spot bonuses or completion bonuses in some situations.
  • Referral Rewards – refer an associate or friend and receive extra cash for participating. Do you know about a possible opening, or potential client that needs our help? These qualify for referral rewards as well..
  • Technical Interviews – would you like to participate in our new hire selection process? Leverage your technical expertise and earn extra pay..
  • Per Diem – traveling to the DFW Metroplex to work a specific project, or relocating here? You may be eligible for per diem pay.

Visit Benefits for more information on the benefits available for you to elect.